Hi, I'm Jamie

I founded SplashDigital in May of 2018, and I enjoy continuing to develop my own business, as well as helping my clients to develop theirs.

Why I started SplashDigital

I’ve wanted to start a web develoment agency for years, so I did it! I have been interested in web-based technologies since I started coding in about 2004, and built my first production website in 2008. 

I’m also an eager entrepreneur, and I’m passionate about the way digital strategy can be used to enable business development. Websites are a critical piece of today’s businesses, and it’s essential that they’re developed in a way that compliments the business. I love working with clients to find this match. 

Fueled by my own entrepreneurial drive, I couldn’t help but notice the gap in the market for website development options, and I couldn’t ignore the horror stories that I’ve heard coming from small businesses struggling with website development. 

I saw a gap in the market, between the large agencies that provided high-quality products at premium prices, and the local freelancers that provide cheaper services but without the quality assurance.

My Goal

I’m focussed on providing a service to small and medium NZ businesses that achieves a high level of technical quality assurance, at an honest price, that delivers genuine business value. 

The purpose of SplashDigital is to provide small to medium New Zealand businesses and organisations with a level of quality that matches or exceeds that of the larger digital agencies, but at a much lower price.

How SplashDigital does it

The secret sause, is (no surprises here), people and process

SplashDigital is powered by a distributed team of experienced professionals. We work collectively and implement a tried-and-true development process, based on global best practices for digital agencies of all sizes, that mitigates risk, and ensures the end product will align with business requirements. 

The people and process behind SplashDigital mean that we are able to deliver great business websites and also maintain a very competitive price-point.

My Promise to you

If you’re thinking about hiring SplashDigital for your website, then let me make a couple of promises to you right now:

If you’re not the right client for us – that is, if what you need is not withing our sweet spot, then I’ll tell you, and explain why. I believe that a lot of failures in web and software development are owing to a discrepancy between the client and the agency. This doesn’t benefit either party, so we’ll address it up-front.

If we’re a good match, and we decide to work together, then you’ll receive clear information, clear expectations, regular communication, lots of opportunities to provide feedback, and overall, a bloody good experience and an awesome website! 

Would you like to chat?

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk… if you’d like to chat, then please just give me a call, or send a message and I’ll get right back to you.

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