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Drive revenue with paid search marketing that works.

Grow revenue with tailored paid search & shopping strategies that attract great customers who are ready to buy. With a data-driven approach to campaign optimisation our specialist team are focused on achieving the strongest ROAS possible. 


Strategy first
Execution second

With Google's increasing emphasis on automated strategies you'll work with a team of certified experts who can deliver the best campaign strategy so you don't waste money on inefficient campaigns. 

We work in alignment with your goals to set up campaigns across Google search, Shopping (performance max), Display and Youtube. We create an omni-channel approach or full-funnel marketing approach that is backed by data, audience research and rigorous testing. 


Google Shopping is the foundation of your ecommerce growth. It typically becomes a high performing channel, delivering a high quality of traffic with customers who have a very high intent to purchase. 

Yet Google is progressively moving to automated strategies that cover the entire customer buyers journey. Known as full-funnel marketing strategies these can deliver results but building relationships with your customers from product discovery through to purchase. 

Our team can help you with the best strategy aligned to your budget and your audience. 

Not sure why your marketing isn't profitable?

Poor conversion rates, low ROAS or low site traffic are usually signs you have problems with your campaigns. 

Shopping, Search, Email and increasingly Social are your foundational channels for ecommerce businesses.

You simply must be found to bring the volume of traffic to your site to enable a high enough number of conversions to translate into revenue.

Request a free campaign Audit of your existing Google ad campaigns and we'll tell you what you're doing right and where the new opportunities are.

It’s all about efficiency and scale with these - how much can you squeeze out of your marketing investment.

Find out how you can turn your campaigns into revenue generating machines with a review. 



We begin all new projects with a strategy project that starters with discovery. 

We like to understand you, your business and your customers. Who is buying your products?  What is your ideal customer? Where do they spend time?

Then we talk goals - what do you want to accomplish over the next 30, 60, 90 days and beyond. We define what matters and what are the key metrics that tell both of us that we are on track to success. 

Then we analyse data from past performance from Analytics, SEO, Google Ads or Meta accounts. We find out what is working well and what needs to change to meet your goals.

If you’re starting from a point of not having done much marketing then we spend more time focusing on go


Now that we know your goals we’ll assemble a strategic marketing plan to reach them. 

Marketing is changing because your customers are. We are seeing disruptions in how people are searching for information, who they are talking to and where they are spending their time. And your strategy needs to align with your audience buys and has to reach them in the places they are. 

So we look at where your ideal customers are and develop a plan to capture their attention on those channels, across the entire customer journey. 

And we’ll look at seasonality, messaging, creative, promo calendar.


We know your goals. We have a plan. Now we execute. 

Splash will set up your tracking and create reporting dashboards so we can easily spot performance trends.

Then we’ll create all the campaigns in the relevant tools - be that Google, Bing, Meta or Linkedin and get you underway!


Set and forget is simply not our style. Iteration sets up a foundation of continuous improvement as we work together to accomplish your goals. 

We are continuously reviewing performance and creative based on data and feedback fro you. And we want to be ready to make sound common sense changes as we go.

Resolution Projects

Working with Splash I feel they’ve really understood who it is we’re talking to and have provided our customers with a lot of valuable information and a whole lot of value up front. I’m a raving fan.

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Working with Splash I feel they’ve really understood who it is we’re talking to and have provided our customers with a lot of valuable information and a whole lot of value up front. I’m a raving fan.



The Splash team are thoughtful, proactive and seek to understand – which is important in our industry. They’ve added invaluable support in transforming our web presence and ongoing digital strategy. Highly recommend!


Let’s jump into something great