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Does your website attract the right audience

Website traffic can be misleading; your site might have several clicks, but is it converting? Visits are not enough to achieve your business goals, you need the right audience to improve conversions. The right people entering your website will browse longer, will want more details and will likely sign-up or buy.

Here are ways to achieve this objective:

Understand Your Target Audience

A two birds with one stone approach may boost website traffic but this is a numbers illusion. These may just be one-time clicks that will not convert. Limit your market into something you are familiar with. Understand your audience in terms of their shopping and browsing behaviour, age, job, location, needs, wants, aspirations, social media habits and a message that reflects their values. Be specific, your audience must be alive in your marketing strategies.

Solution-Driven Content

Search engines reward pages and websites that provide content that answers questions and solves problems. Provide in-depth information that shows your authority in your chosen niche. Go into detail about a topic your audience shows interest in. Experts agree that content that is 500 words or more boosts your search rank and is enough to get your point across. Solution-driven content captures your visitors' attention and encourages them to read other pages or watch your videos.

Create a Keyword Strategy

Search algorithms have evolved over time, simply stuffing keywords into you content will not get you the results you want. Keywords are still important, but you need a strategic approach to maximise their potential. In your research, identify words that have volume (approximately 50) and focus on long-tail keywords. A potential customer that has a higher chance of converting will input a longer and specific phrase. Have a content strategy that focuses on topics instead of keywords. However, place your chosen term strategically in the post, calls-to-action, description and title.

Social Media Marketing

Use different marketing channels to reach your target audience efficiently, one such channel is social media. This platform connects you with your market at a time and place that may lead to a conversion. It helps to understand your audience to identify which site they use the most and their behaviour while using it. Facebook is still a viable source of traffic; share and post articles or videos with content that people will engage with. Diversify your strategy to broaden your reach. Use Instagram for product posts or short videos. Create your own YouTube channel for instructional videos about your products or services, or make one that introduces your brand values.

Incentivised Action

One of the ways to get the right traffic is to give a potential customer something for an action you want them to take. Provide a free trial or freebie for making a purchase or signing up for the newsletter. Offer promotions, discounts or special prices for members. This approach funnels visitors further down to your preferred action from one-time buyer to long-term consumer.

It is not just about boosting your traffic numbers, but about the kind of visits that translate into conversions. The mentioned strategies allow you to get the right traffic that is profitable for your business.