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Upgrading from standard or smart shopping to Performance Max campaigns

Google is rolling out automatic upgrades from Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max campaigns in July 2022. For a limited time, there will be an option to upgrade your campaigns manually before the rollout begins. 

What are Performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max or PMAX is a new conversion-based campaign that allows you to access all of Google's Advertising channels and incorporate them into a single campaign. 

Including channels across Shopping, Search, Gmail, Discovery, Video and Display. 

Because the model for PMax campaigns stems from the base of the original Smart Shopping campaigns, we can use PMax to plug into Google Smart Shopping, Google Discovery, Display, Search and more.

Migrating to PMax ad campaigns

By now, some of you may have Google Shopping campaigns that are ready to be migrated to PMax. 

If you are running Smart Shopping campaigns, an automatic upgrade to PMax might have taken place already. 

If you are running Standard Shopping campaigns or have not been upgraded yet, then here are a few things to consider: 

1. Tracking

Are you tracking revenue or conversion value, and is it accurate to what you are seeing on your website?

Smart Shopping campaigns and Performance Max campaigns utilise smart bidding strategies. 

Helping us to focus our campaigns on strategies like Max Conv Value (maximum conversion value) and Target ROAS (return on ad spend) to make the best use of your budget. 

This will ensure that you are tracking revenue as conversions only. 

2. The maturity of your campaigns

If your campaigns have been running for less than a month and you don’t have any valuable insights (such as conversion value, average purchase orders or popular products sold) from paid channels, then we recommend holding off until you do.

Having these insights ensures you are bidding on auctions when you should and when users are more likely to make a purchase instead of burning through your budget.  

3. Video and image assets

PMax campaigns blend the elements of Google Shopping and image-rich channels like Display and Discovery. 

To ensure you are promoting high-selling products, products that get the most revenue or with the highest margins, it's important to have images and videos that reflect this. 

4. Audiences

PMax campaigns rely heavily on audience engagement. 

Having campaigns that are live for longer than a month will provide you with valuable data about your audience. This will help you optimise your audience targeting and spend.

Audience options for PMax campaigns include:

  • Keywords
  • Interests
  • Google Audiences (In market, affinity, custom affinity) 
  • Analytics User Audiences (all users, non-convertors, ad to carts) 
  • Demographics 

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Access to Data

After upgrading to PMax, you won’t be able to edit your Smart or Standard Shopping campaigns, but you will still have access to your historical data in your Google Ads account.

PMax Success Stories

Our team can give your PMax campaign the best start and minimise any wasted budget. 

By applying our knowledge and expertise, we successfully optimised and upgraded the campaigns for Sproutwell Greenhouse and Sproutwell Decor. 

Check out how we achieved this and what actions we took for their campaigns on our Sproutwell Case Study


Performance Marketing is a  foundational digital marketing tactic that can drive growth for your business. Our approach is suitable for young brands who are ready to take the next step in scaling performance and established brands with a market reputation who want growth and haven't found it from current strategies.

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