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What Is HubSpot And What Can It Do For My Business?

The HubSpot Platform

HubSpot is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about inbound marketing, CRM's and marketing automation - especially among marketers nowadays. If you're managing a company or part of a marketing team looking to increase your marketing efforts, it might be the right time to know what the HubSpot CRM platform is all about. (1). HubSpot is founded on the philosophy of inbound marketing and sales, using a system that aims to attract visitors, convert leads, and close deals for your business. The platform was launched back in 2006 to change the way businesses market and sell. (2)

What Is HubSpot?

If you want to know what HubSpot is, let's start with the basics. HubSpot is an 'all-in-one' marketing and sales and customer service CRM software platform.

HubSpot has evolved into a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system that includes software and tools for marketing and sales, service, operations teams, and a unique content management system (CMS). Business owners and marketers will enjoy the convenience
the software provides since all the tools integrate seamlessly to allow your company to grow in no time.

HubSpot works by transforming your website into a magnet that attracts potential buyers. The strategy emphasises the customer's needs and prioritises them. Businesses can use the HubSpot platform to create and optimise content for search engines and share it on social media platforms. The software boasts all the necessary tools to carry out inbound marketing effectively, along with an amazing array of services and support to master the inbound methodology. (3)

Why Use HubSpot?

HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms, so businesses should take advantage of it. Here are some of the crucial reasons why you should utilise HubSpot.

  • Centralised toolset: Utilising a variety of software and tools can be a tedious task. Once you switch to HubSpot, you can get everything done in one single place. HubSpot includes everything you need to run your business, including your blog, landing pages, email, and forms, to name a few. By using the HubSpot CRM platform, you can oversee all the tasks you need to do, from monitoring, responding, and scheduling tasks from one place.
  • Personalisation options: In inbound marketing, personalisation and attention to detail can bring in value and is what the HubSpot platform can provide, especially the Smart Calls to Actions (Smart CTAs) and Content Optimisation System (COS).
  • Automation: HubSpot makes all your business operations flow seamlessly by automating various marketing-related tasks.
  • Effortless navigation and usability: One of the key aspects of the HubSpot platform is its convenience of use. All of your tools are in one spot, making it easy to go from one task to another. HubSpot provides business owners and marketers with easy-to-use tools that continuously evolve with the trends while at the same time keeping everything streamlined.

Although HubSpot has a long list of features, a few standout ones make it a must-have for any company.


How Will It Benefit My Business?

If you want to ensure your business is always one step ahead of the pack, HubSpot is a solid solution. Here are some of the benefits HubSpot can provide to your business:

  • Real-time updates: The real-time updates of the HubSpot CRM sync routinely, so you'll have peace of mind that everything is up-to-date. Generally, your salespeople have the latest information they can use to readily reach out to leads.
  • Website integration: Once a lead visits your site, you'll stay up-to-date about their sales journey if you use the website integration feature to its full potential.
  • Integration with the marketing system of HubSpot: Aside from having a CRM, the HubSpot platform also boasts a marketing system. Once integrated, it works hand in hand with the HubSpot CRM portion. It's the most effective way to coordinate marketing and sales efforts and ensure a continuous flow of information.
  • Integration with social media: The HubSpot platform allows your business to readily connect with the popular social media platforms while gathering valuable data. (4)
  • Monitor communications: The documentation and monitoring of communications with potential clients can challenge many businesses. With HubSpot CRM, you can seamlessly manage everything since you can contact clients directly from the platform.

What Can You Achieve With It?

HubSpot's convenience and opportunity for growth are two of its best features for businesses and marketers.

With all the tools in a single place, organisations can maximise their marketing and sales efforts. The HubSpot platform includes everything a marketer needs to increase traffic, convert leads, and generate a considerable return on investment (ROI).

HubSpot boasts a selection of valuable tools for social media marketing, analytics, content management, search engine optimisation (SEO), and landing pages, to name a few. There are also integration features for third-party services such as extensions, templates, and many more. (5)

HubSpot also offers quick access to an online resource academy and consulting services to
learn more about inbound marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

HubSpot is unquestionably a must-have platform for business owners and marketers looking to maintain a significant advantage in a saturated market. It is just right for a good start in inbound marketing. If one of your objectives is to maximise your inbound marketing efforts, now is the right time to explore what HubSpot is all about. As one of the best options worth considering, HubSpot can make your marketing and sales efforts efficient while allowing you to grow your business to greater heights.